• Beijing builds 1st no parking neighborhood

    It was learned on September 11, Dongcheng District of Beijing has realized no parking in 15 roads and hutongs in the Wangfujing area and built the Wangfujing area into the first no parking neighborhood in the city.


  • Dos and Don’ts on campus

    Students are getting down to learning. To help you know more about rules and regulations on campus, today let’s learn some words about Dos and Don’ts on campus.

  • 了解一下在学校的Dos and Don’ts


  • Words about facilities at school

    Now, it’s time for school. To help you become familiar with your campus, today let’s learn some words about facilities at the school.

  • 必看!与你的校园生活密切相关


  • A-level results day 2018

    Chinese A-level has overtaken German, as it becomes the UK’s third most popular language. This year 3,334 students took Chinese A-level.

  • 汉语超德语成“英国高考”热门科目


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